You need to be able to trust your teacher, especially your child's teacher, so here are some things my students and their parents have said.  I've had plenty of testimonials over 15 years of teaching; this is just a sampling. References are available upon request.

Celeste Will, Parent & Costume Designer

T.H.White wrote "It is so fatally easy to make young children believe that they are horrible." They are told to sit still, to be quiet, stop, don't. With Lauren those roadblocks are lifted and a freedom to explore through art takes root.  The meek and shy find a sense of safety in being loud on the stage and they learn to speak without fear.  Outspoken students learn self control.  From preschool to teen, they learn to look people in the eye with confidence.  Children and adults can scribble and sculpt with wild abandon and know they are making Art with a capitol A.  Getting messy is part of the process of learning, and Miss LaLa helps people of all ages discover that part of their creative being.

Leanne Flanagan, Parent

The ARTS of Cobb has been a part of our life for two years. I have seen my daughter grow in her confidence in working with her peers and communicating with adults. No one can put a price on building a child’s self-esteem. Miss LaLa has become a good friend and business advocate. Thanks and God bless.

- Leanne Flanagan

Happy Parent, Atlanta

I found Lauren on Facebook. She had great fun photos of her music classes with interactive shots of her teaching, laughing and kids having fun. My son is on the autism spectrum and needs a teacher who is fun yet patient and caring. Someone who will engage him as well. After speaking with her on the phone we were on our way to our first session.  Her interaction, patience and music knowledge exceeded my expectations. The best part about her lessons for us is that my son loves her music classes and looks forward to them!

Dianne Russell, Parent & Customer Since 2010

Lauren McBride has been a complete blessing to me, my family, and the whole community. I have a creative daughter who loves being on the stage performing. Miss Lala has provided a safe, nurturing, and loving atmosphere for my daughter to grow creatively while increasing her self-confidence and abilities. As a mom, I am thankful to have help developing my daughter, especially from a person who can help her in areas I cannot. Our experience at ARTS of Cobb has made a positive impact on both my daughter and me. I have also seen how ARTS of Cobb has made a positive impact on the community. LaLa is tireless and unselfish in her efforts to foster the creative in every child, or person, for that matter, whether they can pay or not. ARTS of Cobb is a special place run by a special lady. It was birthed from a passion for the arts and her talents, but it is fed by Lauren’s concern for others.