Beginner Piano
General Music & Instruments
Speech Preparation
Lessons can include more than one category.
I am trained in special needs education.

Private Lessons

4 Years - Senior Citizens

--  Prepare for a show or audition w/ script & music!

--  Too scared to perform?  Build confidence.

--  You're never too old!  I have a 70yr old student!

--  Learn more about yourself.

--  Self-esteem gained can change your life . . .

possibly bringing out hidden parts of your personality.

30 min/wk = $120 for 4  or  $330 for 12 (1 free!) 

45 min/wk = $160 for 4  or  $440 for 12 (1 free!) 

60 min/wk = $200 for 4  or  $550 for 12 (1 free!) 

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during Covid times.

Partner/Semi-Private Lessons

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2 yrs to Adults, 2+ students together

Preschoolers learn about & play various instruments.

Older children learn piano or voice together.

Singers work on an ensemble, any style.

20min/wk = $80 for 4  or  $220 for 12 (1 free)

Fees paid monthly via cash, check or PayPal

on the last lesson of each month for the following month. 

Pay semester in advance for discount. Multi-student discounts available.

Pay Here

Other payment amounts may be paid by using the email in PayPal or by paying cash/check in person.

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