GREAT NEWS!  Instrument Petting Zoo, Broadway Voices, Handbell Choir, and Music & Movement classes are being offered at a few schools in Fall 2021.  Details added as confirmed.  Click REGISTER for detailed list.

Practicing performance skills in a group setting encourages communication, abstract thinking, individual expression, acceptance of others, following instructions, & it builds confidence. These students will be prepared for auditions, interviews, reports, & speeches!


Broadway Voices
3-5yrs, K-5th graders, 6th-8th graders at schools or
Homeschoolers/communities can bring all ages together!

It’s not JUST singing!  This class is about working on a complete performance, acting out songs the students help choose, including solos for those ready and willing.  Families will enjoy a performance at the end of each semester.  Does your child sing all the time and want a chance to perform with others?  Does your child only sing in private & need a boost of confidence to bust out of their shell?  Does your child have trouble matching pitch?  That’s okay, they can learn to use the right muscles.  Miss LaLa, music educator for over 17 years, helps every child find their voice and know how to use it.  This can really help boost your child’s confidence in life!


Fall 2021 Classes:

Bullard Elementary, Thu. 2:30-3:30pm

12wks, 1hr = $230 (other options available)

Due West UMC, Thu. 1:05-1:45pm
12 wks, 40min = $150 (other options available)


Other payment amounts may be paid

by using the email in PayPal

or by paying cash/check in person.


w/ Band, Orchestra, & Cultural Instruments!

Instrument adventures every week.jpg  Gu

Instrument Petting Zoo
K - 5th graders at schools or homes
or Infants & up w/ adults for littles (homeschools, groups)

Students will have a blast learning about & playing
a multitude of instruments!  Each class focuses on a different genre of music or type of instrument.  We watch a video performance, learn parts of dances or culture involved with that genre, then play some instruments involved.  (example: blue grass band, square dancing, play guitar, fiddle, banjo, & mandolin)

Fall 2021 Classes:
Due West UMC Preschool, Wed. 1:05-1:45pm
12wks, 40min = $1
50 (other options available)

Music & Mvmt + Instruments

Infants to 3yrs w/ adult
  Bring your little ones for fun education & development.  Miss LaLa is certified in all Musikgarten programs from birth thru keyboard, so we dance, sing, learn rhythms, name body parts & animals.  Instruments are integrated into each class, & yes, even babies get to strum the cello & move the slide of a trombone!  I guarantee you and your child(ren) will make friends & learn a lot while having fun & getting a little exercise.  Bring multiple kids & we'll help you if needed!
Fall 2021 Classes:
Due West UMC Preschool, Wed. or Thu. 12:05-12:45
12wks, 40min = $150 (other options available)

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Handbell Choir

4yrs & up at schools or homes

This class brings children together to create a beautiful performance at the end of each semester!  Miss LaLa, a music educator for over 17 years, will use fun ways to teach musical concepts like rhythm, pitch, & watching a director, while confidence is built by teaching in a way every child can achieve success at their own level.  Songs with more difficult harmonies & rhythms will be created for students who need a bigger challenge, plus we’ll work on some improvisation for students to use their creativity & musicality.  This class brings all smiles!

Fall 2021 Classes:

Bullard Elementary, Mon. 2:30-3:30pm

12wks, 1hr = $230 (other options available)