Public classes cancelled for Covid,

but request one for your family or biz.

GREAT NEWS!  I have over 200 instruments, & my Instrument Experience classes are being offered at many Cobb County & Marietta City Schools in ASP for your convenience.

Practicing performance skills in a group setting encourages communication, abstract thinking, individual expression, acceptance of others, following instructions, & it builds confidence. These students will be prepared for auditions, interviews, reports, & speeches!

Musical Theater:  5-12yrs

Students learn songs and skits from Broadway shows & perform them for an audience of family/friends.

12wks = $225 or based on school asp program

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Other payment amounts may be paid by using the email in PayPal or by paying cash/check in person.

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w/ Band, Orchestra, & Cultural Instruments!

Infants - 4yrs w/ adult:

TEACHER? BIZ PRO? SAHM?  Bring your little ones for fun education & development of life skills.  I guarantee you will make friends & learn some things, too!  8wks = $100

K - 5th graders:

Students will have a blast learning about & playing

instruments, reading & drawing music symbols & more.

12wks = $225 or based on school asp program

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